Here we go with post 117. Spent the day in D town today had the last supper with Baker and talked with Keith a little while. It looks like I am back to 521 in Bedford Ive been there before as many of you already know from reading the older entries, only now we are remodeling a store that was overdue about 5 years ago. I dont know what to think about all that Im used to going to denton already and now I have to change locations Great on gas but shitty about moving. Its all good though I got to work with Baker and Keith for 11 months that made it easy hopefully now I can break in this new guy. Maybe I impacted some of the people at 493 at least that was my intention but I dont think I left quite as many enemies as usual, just a handful that are professionals at sucking..you know the ones that draw a check but quit along time ago...Tb what the hell is your email send it to me!


Thats it for me Im out just now Im wondering where the hell Im going. I dont have any idea maybe its a decent store and not a shithole but where do you go from 493 its at the top. Working with Baker and Gatlin was pretty damn good how much more experience can you get in one store A high powered store manager and two high powered co's and the motherload of sales. Im full throttle now cant wait to get to a low volume and lay the hammer.
In other news myspace is addictive Ive been messing with this thing and its fun the only thing I wish is that it could be a little more customized alot of the pages you cant tell what the hell is going on and cant read the damn text. I know mgrady.com is not perfect but its ok and legible I think. Hmmm maybe I need to do something with it this week its been awhile. I think I want to go see talledega nights i dont care much for nascar but I do like to make fun of it.