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Here is some of the call from yours truly at the game "something funny happens right near the end" Live audio from the Little National Championship series. Red River Renegades won the game with a diving catch unassisted by Devon who at 12 midnight still wasnt passed his bedtime, thanks to his paw paw letting him and the boys stay up all night and other shenanigans.

Congrats, Red River Renegades from the Grocery God.


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Went to the game tonight looks like the rangers lost 8-7 there is one silver lining the seats were kick ass on the club level by the rail on 3rd base side. Todays tally on food was]1 super nacho dlx
2 Larger Cokes
1 large cheese fry
bag of sunflower seeds.
Not bad all that shit only cost 23,000 dollars Good time had by all heres a pic.