In my other post I told you I was reading Whos looking out for you,, well here is a summary of a paragraph that is pretty much the rule I live by its something like this. Its improtant for all people to recognize that only good people can really look out for you. Bad people are looking out for themselves and will use you. they will pretend to have your best interests at heart but will kick you in the head when your usefulness to them expires. But a good friend will last a lifetime. And that person will look out for you if you demonstrate your are worth looking out for. Before you can find help in this world you have to devlop qualities that are respected by good people.

If you are selfish, shallow, money grubbing, manipulative, callous, violent, petty envious, gossipy or self-destructive, then you will soon be on your own. Nobody will ever look out for you, with the possible exception of your mom. She is compelled by nature to do so. Think about that one a minute do you know people that that match nearly all of these, Take note I warned you, and in your dealings with these types of people remember later when it happens to you something I refer to as Grady's prophecy,, I TOLD YOU SO, Its not bragging if it happens.

Selfish manipulative people usually are not subtle. Their character is obvious to any perceptive person. The problem is that people dont see them for what they really are they see them for what they want them to be. That is one of the most true statements that I have ever heard.

Something else Ill throw in is something Ive heard from my district manager at meetings since he came here. There are 3 questions people ask themselves when dealing with others and before they will follow you.

1. Do they care about me

2. Can I trust them

3. Are they competent

If you answer yes to all three questions then likely you will follow someone.

Im taking the time to share this post because I think its important to shed light on some situations and encourage someone to stop and evaluate whats going on, because most times you can make the right decisions in life if you see things the way they really are instead of what everyone wants them to be.

Have fun, Be smart, Be responsible for yourself, Dont associate with losers.


Grocery Store Fun

Happy Birthday Alicia .....................From your DAD

Grocery Store Fun

Im so tired I can barely stand up worked from 12 pm to 2am and then went back from 7 to 10 to do some of that inventory stuff that I had to do. Im still a little pissed off that several people that were supposed to do stuff dropped the ball, I guess I live in a fantasy world where everything should go smooth but duh I guess not. I just want things done and done right the first time thats all. Those damn gobacks keep multiplying we are going to get a system I had how many people working on it and they still had to be scanned please what the hell is that all aobut. Under the gondolas at 11 night before inventory ..............Thats gay. Stick got sick at school today and I had to go get him. And I took alicia a dozen roses that I arranged up to the junior high, she was pretty excited Im fixing to go now and pick her up a cd for her 14th bday. but I also want to look around at bestbuy , even though Im about to fall asleep typing this. Oh yeah I almost forgot I think im going to go get that bill oreilly factor book whos looking out for you,, Its got to be a good book I read the forward and its awsome.........till later


Grocery Store Fun

Man I got flamed on the last post, wow I didnt see that coming It was just an observation, surely that didnt hit home.. Well I will tell you one thing I think this was the longest week in history, Ill be glad when Parman comes back I'm wore down. I feel like I spent about 200 hours on the salesfloor this week, Its difficult to do the upstairs stuff after you've already been at work 10 or 12 hours. But for sunday it went smooth as glass no major fubars. Everyone even came to work for once. Inventory is tuesday and I think this might be the smoothest one yet our department heads have done a really good job getting their s together this time. Karl waters where are you brother I sent up the batsign and you didnt come brother you left me hanging to run the place by myself all week....Next time Im going to sit upstairs with my feet on the desk! If you like treasure hunting what you should do is go to a grocery store and get a broom and sweep out from under the shelves you would be surprised at what you find, its nothing to find some labels you havent seen for years, if your nostalgic for the old days when you were a kid youll probably find a label or two from then. My favorite is the game where you break down a frozen food or dairy bunker and see who can find the oldest tag laying in there. I've found tags 10 or 15 years old in some of the cases. That would be a great item for a scavenger hunt, who can bring in the oldest kroger tags, and if that dont work maybe you could bring in the oldest file clerk instead! Or what about a contest to see how far you can throw a vine ripened tomato, or how long biscuit dough will stick to the ceiling the last one sticking wins, or a triple jump contest to see if you can run down the side of a meat bunker and jump all three without falling off. or how about sitting 10 mums in the floor and using a pumpkin for a bowling ball. Speaking of pumpkins I hope those damn things dont come in today I dont want nothing to do with them I did that last time, Mike thinks Im going to build the wow on that, negative ghostrider not gonna do it. I wonder how long im going to have to work tonight? I hope its not all night that would suck, On a good note though Im off for alicias birthday tommorrow, I might go get her out of school early and take her to lunch somewhere, Thats a dad thing although it never happened to me Im going to see if it builds goodwill. I wonder why the hell after 20 years of saying I would beat my kids if they dressed like the freaks you see at kroger and the mall, for some unknown reason my kids are dressing like that. The camo pants and black tank top with chains and black makeup alicias sunday ensemble left me speechless I didnt even know what to say I guess I need to go back to deciding what they wear. All stick wears is tony hawk stuff that looks like he just came from the xgames. Hmmm Kids what do you do.