Im off today holy shit its two days off in one week I dont know what to do I think I should go to the mall or something who the hell knows what to do time off is something I dont get very often. Oh well I guess sitting on the computer all day is out, I played battlefield yesterday. Got a lot of rain so it wont be long till its time to mow again. maybe I could try to jumpstart the hooptie today and see if that hunk of shit will run. Or maybe go buy world of warcraft and pay 15 bucks a month for playing a game. I dont know.


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Battlefield 2 Lego Style

I was bored and made a lego battlefield 2 spoof kinda

People please why the hell do you need 4 half gallons of icecream you know you dont have enough freezer space for all that shit. I know its only 1.50 net when you buy 4 but the least you could do is read the sign before you ask a million questions.
On a lighter note someone fell dead in the pharmacy today Literally probably had a heart attack and the next thing you know BANG your gone. That sucks

On another note Ace you cant hang with me I'll dust you off old school I am the man I am the stocking machine I am the Grocery God recognize.. And thats all I got to say about that.