Asian Heather.com- that is the site, Me and Justin met Heather the other night at hooters she was our waitress, well it turns out she is also a model and does magazines for import tuners and is an accounting student. She actually has a brain but im telling you your not going to believe what she looks like. HOLY JESUS she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy hot, smokin actually! I was mere inches from the 38dd's and they were as firm as.....but anyway check her site out no credit card required she doesnt do nudity, that goes to show there is no justice in this world.

The busiest time of year at the grocery store is 5 minutes till the closing time on the only day you ever close. Man you wouldnt believe how many people come rushing in unless you post a gaurd by the door. This season is finally over I love xmas but the stress of getting through it is bad for your blood pressure. I was incognito on wednesday I wore the soft beige sweater, Oh yes very GQ by the way but people still found me to ask me the most ridiculous things they could think of. Man I got a couple of crystal candle holders from one of the checkers they are kick a, I also got some pewter dragons and wizards, some eternity, a clock, a gift card, some sausage, a tgif gift certificate, walmart gift card- which is a dilemna since I hate walmarts they are the enemy- and some other stuff. This xmas turned out pretty good.. I did stubb my freaking toe at 3:00 in the morning going into the storage shed to retrieve a mountain bike damn near killed myself and I was sober. All in all a good time with the family and enjoying some peace and quiet.


Lord of the rings two towers is one of the best movies ever. period end of story, Legolas riding down stairs on a shield shooting arrows and never missing, that is probably the most awesome exhibition of elven skills to date. Holy crap thats impressive.
And Aragorn whats the deal is he 20th level or something he chopped down about 500 orcs while Gimli merely kills 20 or 30. The experience points in this movie are flowing like water, ie. The ents damn they killed about 10,000 orcs and destroyed isengard in one shot, when he finds the trees pillaged and gets pissed and yells nothing good comes from that, you know saruman is screwed. Theres not much else to say but go see the movie it is worth every minute.